Web Donut Subscription

All our products, styled stock images, courses and freebies.

Web Donut Subscription has all of our products, courses and styled stock images included. Difference between Lifetime and Yearly subscription is that in Lifetime Subscription you pay only once and receive updates forever, while in Yearly you pay once a year to receive updates as long as you are subscribed.

Over 80 products, 500+ social media graphics, 2k+ wireframe elements, 2k+ UI elements, mood boards, mockups, styled stock images, courses and freebies, all included inside. Take a look at all our products here, styled stock images by clicking here, courses by clicking here and freebies by clicking here.

Majority of products have video tutorials included and we will offer video tutorials for all of them in the future. We offer great support so if you have any questions, you can contact us via email hello@webdonut.net or via social media.


  • Instant Access
  • Yearly Payment
  • All Products, Stock Images & Courses
  • Freebies Included
  • Video Tutorials
  • Updates Until You Are Subscribed
  • 1 Year License
  • 1 Year Support


  • Instant Access
  • One Time Payment
  • All Products, Stock Images & Courses
  • Freebies Included
  • Video Tutorials
  • Updates Forever
  • Lifetime License
  • Lifetime Support

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What is the difference between Yearly and Lifetime?

Both subscriptions have everything we made included, difference is that for Yearly, you are paying once a year and receiving updates until you are subscribed. After your subscription ends, you will have access to the products until you were subscribed, but no future updates. For Lifetime, you are paying only once, and receiving updates forever.

Where are the files hosted?

Files are hosted on Gumroad. To access them once you subscribe, you will have to create the free account.

How will i know when there is an update?

We will send you an email, saying that your subscription is updated. You simply log back into your Gumroad account and download the files instantly.

What is the licence for the products?

We explained it on our About Page. If you still have questions about licences, reach out to us at hello@webdonut.net and we will be happy to help.

What do i need to open the files?

For all files except for styled stock images, you will need Photoshop and we recommend CS6 or newer. For some UI and UX kits there are Illustrator versions and for all UI and UX Kits there are also Sketch versions.

Can i request the product i need?

We would love it if you do, and if we get few people asking for the same product, we will make it.

How are the files structured?

We made a video about it, so take a look at it here.

What is the unique licence key?

If you have a problem with a file, you contact us and tell us your unique licence key which is located at the bottom of the products list. Then we can replace the file for you, or send it to you directly.

How to renew a Yearly subscription?

You wont have to do anything until the year passes. Once it does, you will receive the email asking you if you want to extend for another year. If you want, confirm, if you don't, deny the payment and your subscription will stop. Also, you can ask us to stop your payment and we will contact Gumroad to do it for you.

What if i don't like it and i want a refund?

That is why we have a freebies section on our website, so you can download and test out some of our products before purchase. We are not issuing a refund under any circumstance, unless there are some major issues with the products that we can't fix. Only in that case we are issuing a refund.

Why did you include freebies in the subscriptions?

Simply for the ease of use for you. If you want to download any of them, you can do it all in one place.

I have some more questions, how can i contact you?

We would love to answer them! You can contact us via email at hello@webdonut.net or via any of our social media channels.

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